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Looking through other people’s eyes


Sitting all cramped in the dark, air-conditioning whirring, seats creaking and dark shadows busying the aisles, bright screens pouring out films to suit all tastes: swords, dragons, cartoons, thrillers, heroes & villains, war and love stories in abundance - images of the worlds within our world. Venturing out to the place furthest away on my bucket list made me realise that despite the culturally diverse upbringing I’d had, my view of the world was but a tiny speck on a very big picture. With so many cultures abounding, it pays to explore other places & share thoughts with other people: it’s like looking at the world through their eyes.

Travelling opens our eyes and minds to parallel worlds: other people’s journeys and their worlds seen through our own eyes. Glimpses of other ways of life, taking in awe-inspiring landscapes like the sheer drop of a cliff into the clear blue ocean or lush green dense vegetation in abundant parks, magic moments gazing at the upside down night skies in the Southern Hemisphere - how wonderfully enriching travel can be!

This is a call to all of you out there: take time to embrace nature and savour some of the other amazing worlds within this world. Whether close to home or in faraway places, looking through other people’s eyes can free your mind and feed your soul.

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